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​Blueshift experts provide high level insights into your organisation and will guide you to assess it through the sustainability lense. From the sustainability strategy to the measurable implementation we will use our combined skills to drive positive change with a holistic view.

Blueshift services:

- Sport & Sustainability: Strategy & Implementation
- Sustainability Strategy & Management
- Sustainable Communications for brands and NGOs - creating change through engaging coms platforms
- Stakeholder engagement - involving and inspiring people who matters
- Sustainable Event Consultancy for events organisers

Using the power of sport to inspire positive change. Collectively professional sports represent one of the world’s largest, most iconic and influential industries. As a great leveller, sport reaches an unparalleled audience and bridges the gap between culturally, politically and socio-economically diverse groups.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the industry has been and continues to be a leader in advancing socially-beneficial agendas. Sport is also leading the way in environmental protection, bringing the biggest issues of our time, to a massive global audience.

Blueshift specialises in advising and supporting athletes, sponsors, events and federations on how they can bring their passion for environmental protection and social inclusion within their missions. We have developed award-winning programmes on a global scale working with some of the world’s most recognised names.

Blueshift provides event sustainability consultancy and oversight to the corporate, government, sports, community and performing arts sectors.

Offering a wide range of tailored services, our team has years of global and local experience and specialist knowledge across all event sectors. From indoor business events through to large outdoor multi-day festivals, we understand the impacts and opportunity events hold to enhance and communicate sustainability to a wider audience.

We identify potential environmental and socio-economic and cultural issues and opportunities, and actively guide your event to reduce negative impacts, enhance operational efficiency, and to drive better financial, social and environmental performance, leaving a positive legacy.