Because WE, as citizens, voters or consumers cannot ignore poignant facts any longer, we are burning our planet and we are forgetting our people…

We need to place Responsibility at the heart of our lives, organisations, companies and start action now… for the respect of our kids’ future, we need to act to be less ashamed of our legacy. It is still possible if we, together as human beings and professionals ACT NOW.

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Why? Facts & figures

"The cost of action is 1% of global GDP, the cost of inaction is 10 to 20% of GDP"Source: Stern review


"CSR Investments Up Despite Economy"

Environmental Leader Sept 23, 2009

Aviva Investors, the global asset management business of Aviva plc, has called on stock exchanges around the globe to more actively promote corporate responsibility and transparency among the companies that are listed on exchanges. London - Business Wire, Oct 2009

"Concerns about social and environmental issues provide opportunities for brands to connect with their consumers at a deeper level and, in doing so, gain competitive and sales advantage." Patrick Cescau, CEO of Unilever

"54 percent of U.S. senior executives believe corporate citizenship is even more important in a recession"

Research Hitachi Foundation and the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

"Climate change is a key strategic issue in most industries" The Carbon Trust

"Every client sees sustainability as a priority issue and every employee and consumer wants to be part of a bigger idea. No brand will be truly loved by anyone it touches unless it shares an inspired, sustainable benefit." Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi"

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Why? What can sustainable marketing do for business?


SOURCE: "CSR Europe Sustainable Marketing Guide"

View the full report here.

About the interest of becoming more sustainable


Since 2006, Volvic has worked in partnership with Unicef on a program to improve access to safe drinking water in developing countries. From its beginnings in Niger, the "Drink 1, Give 10" campaign has helped dig and maintain wells that give local populations reliable access to 40 litres of safe drinking water per person per day. The program has rallied support from employees. In France more than 300 employees took part in events organised in stores with Unicef volunteers to promote the program and the brand.


Innocent became the first company in the world to use 100% recycled plastic bottles for its smoothies in September 2007. The company, which was established 9 years ago has a turnover of over £100m and has almost doubled its market share since 2006.


SONY Playstation has partnered with Pli Design, a company that specializes in manufacturing eco-friendly furniture, to give old Playstation 2 consoles a second life as chairs. The ribs of the REEE chairs are made from around 8.5 recycled PS2s. In 2008, the company plans to recycle around 7.2 tons of plastic to create 3,000 chairs.


A partnership between 02 and Nokia has helped save an excess of 1.5 million miles, reduced paper weight by 23%, avoided the manufacture of surplus charging units and cut carbon emissions and increased delivery rates to 98%. By giving customers the option of receiving their new mobile phone without a charger, new boxes were designed that can be posted through a standard letterbox. The move also means customers no longer have to wait at home for a delivery or need to travel to a sorting office to collect a missed delivery.


66% of BT employees say that the company's CSR activity makes them feel proud to work for BT.

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Why? Positive facts & figures

By accenture,. Sustainability and its impact on the corporate agenda report.

About the interest of becoming more sustainable

Leading companies as a result of "greening"their supply chains, have decreased logistics and transports costs, costs of operations and facilities, and supply costs". Source: Aberdeen Group, 2008


Corporate self regulating systems
  • 2000 UN Global Impact: the world's largest self governing corporate citizenship initiative (5,200 participants, 4,000 businesses in 120 countries) : A framework for businesses committed to respect 10 principles
  • The Equator principles: 60 banks, to assess projects for their social and environmental impact before making lending decisions. "The Carbon Principles" by CITIGROUP, MORGAN STANLEY and JP MORGAN "a process for understanding carbon risk"
  • The Responsible Care program: a self-regulated program in chemicals industry covering 90% of all global chemical production (128 Global companies in 53 countries)
  • UNILEVER partnered with WWF to establish the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) to promote environmentally responsible fishery (38 retailers, 49 manufacturers, 14 food service companies, more than 300 suppliers)
  • CDP - CARBON DISCLOSURE PROJECT: 280 Institutional Investors representing more than 57 trillion $ to urge companies to publish data about their carbon emissions

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Why? Positive facts & figures

By accenture,. Sustainability and its impact on the corporate agenda report.

About the interest of becoming more sustainable

delight customers

  • "One of the hottest trends within companies and among consumers around the world is Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability, LOHAS"
    Source NMI (Natural Marketing Institute)
  • "Companies can look at LOHAS consumers to predict future purchasing trends because they're "early adopters of many attitudinal and behavioral dynamics"
  • "87% of consumers would like companies to commit to environmentally friendly practices to support fair labor and trade practice"
    Source 2007 BBMG Conscious Consumer report
  • "19% of US consumers (40 million of US consumers) are dedicated to personal and planetary health" Source NMI
  • "Whirlpool is anticipating a greater demand for less energy intensive products" Source Andrew Hoffman, Getting ahead of the curve
  • "In 2007, Toyota won 16% of the US market, which was over double its share 10 years ago. The Prius has inspired competitors to develop hybrid cars and buses"

retain the best staff

  • "70% of students would not apply for a job at a company deemed socially irresponsible" Corporate Social Responsibility Monitor by Globescan 2003
  • "92% of students are more inclined to work for a company that is environmentally friendly"
    Monster.com 2007
  • GE's postion on environmental issues has helped recruiting immensely" The company's ability to recruit "has never been higher" GE's CEO, 2008 Wall Street Journal
  • "25% of MBAs are seeking for a job with a potential to make a contribution to society, up from 15% in 2002"
    Source 2008 Aspens Institute's Center for Business education

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