Blueshift, a sustainability and communication consultancy, can help your business promote sustainable services you and your employees will reap the rewards from, for years to come.


Sustainability Strategy & Management

Helping you to save money, reduce waste and emissions and improve your reputation.


Sustainable Event Consultancy for events organisers

Delivering a strategic approach for a low footprint, accessible and ethical event


Stakeholder engagement

Involving and inspiring people who matters.

Sustainable Communications for brands and NGOs

Inspiring change through engaging coms platforms: Communication strategy, CSR Reporting, sustainable experiential platforms.

Cause related Marketing

Creating an emotional connection with your audiences and inspire more sustainable behaviors.

Services: A Taste of our tools and processes

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Sustainable Event Toolkit

The SET (Sustainable Event Toolkit) is a tool to support event managers working to create sustainable events. The SET will help you to screen all the aspects of your event with a “green eye”, to plan and execute your sustainable events and to leave a positive legacy. It will allow you to make your event more environmentally and socially responsible in an ethical and economically feasible manner.

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Stakeholders Engagement Platform

The SEP (Stakeholder Engagement Platform) will provide a framework for your organisation to consider the key components necessary to engage with stakeholders, to gathering important information and ideas, anticipating and managing potential conflicts, improving decision-making processes, building trust and consensus amongst diverse stakeholders, strengthening relationships, and enhancing corporate reputation, brand and image

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Sustainability Management tool

Materiality analysis: Process for identifying the critical environmental and social issues that arise from your organization’s strategies and activities and that are of importance to stakeholders, prioritizing key issues and developing responses that minimise impact and enhance value Creation.

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Porter’s 5 forces analysis

Sustainable business analysis tool, intended to assist companies in understanding their competitive environment, to support the development of different strategic choices and to identify which activities and issues have the capacity to create business value. This stage employs an adaptation of Porter’s 5 Forces model, one of the business world’s most commonly used strategic analysis tools.

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