Blueshift has helped various organisations to CREATE CHANGE, and to embed sustainability across all levels, with inspiring communication platforms. Here is a snapshot of our clients: NESPRESSO, EUROSPORT, SPORT BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL, GENEVA MARATHON, EXTREME SAILING SERIES, MOD 70 RACE FOR WATER, MULTI ONE ATTITUDE FOUNDATION


Blueshift has completed the best training in the field of sustainability in business and events with the most recognized organisations: WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) and the Olympic games organisers: VANOC (Vancouver 2010) and LOCOG (London 2012), ADEME and Bilan Carbone in order to provide the best knowledge and the most accurate services to its clients.

image thumbnail for WWF One Planet Leader :

WWF One Planet Leader :

member of the One Planet Leader Community, “A sustainability program designed to help companies align business models with environmental and societal pressures in order to future proof their business.”

image thumbnail for Eco-certification from ANAE :

Eco-certification from ANAE :

French National Association of Event Agencies on the techniques of eco-events organisation.

image thumbnail for Sustainable Sport and Event toolkit” certification :

Sustainable Sport and Event toolkit” certification :

Training given by Olympic games organising committees (Vancouver 2010 and London 2012) about the process of setting up and organising sustainable events

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